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Age: 25
Height: 156cm
Dress: Size-7 Small
Hair: Brunette with Summer Highlights
Bust: D-cup Size
Eyes: Green
Weight: 50kg
Body Type:  Pocket Rocket 🚀

Nationality: Brazilian
Sexuality: Bisexual
Language: English, Portuguese & Spanish
Category: Sensual and Hot Latin Masseuse for Men, Ladies, Couples and Groups

My speciality: Hours of steamy sessions until you can see the stars, like you never experienced never before.
What I love: Looking through your eyes and seeing how you love feeling my passion and desire.
What I find sexy in men: Someone who wants to be part and play the game with me in the bedroom.
My favourite asset: My touches
How I stays fit: Swimming in the ocean
What do I do in spare time: Read influential books

What they say about Gisele:
Gisele is a true pocket rocket. She can be raunchy and she can be sweet.
Gisele is a chatty, sweet with a naughty touch in her friendly personality.
A cheeky young Latina is a perfect girl that you would want more and more every time she touches you.

To Book TXT: 0476 050 730

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